All Classified Ads are 100% free and there is no fee associated with communicating back and forth. We do encourage you to utilize caution when meeting someone online. Please check out our tips at the bottom of this page.

Follow these sensible tips when meeting someone from the internet.

1. Make sure someone else always knows where you are going. If it’s just a text to a friend let someone know.
2. If you are meeting to buy or sell something meet in public, at a neutral location preferably with a crowd. Coffee shops are excellent for this, another smart place to meet is at your bank. Most transactions like this are done in cash. This way you can leave your money safely with them until you need it.
3. If you want to bring someone with you tell the other person before you meet so they don’t feel threatened walking up on multiple people.
4. If you are meeting over something like a laptop or a phone. Make sure you turn it on, connect it to wifi, make sure you can browse, leave it on as you discuss the item. It doesn’t hurt to plug it in if you can to ensure it charges.
5. Ask the story of why they are selling it and why they bought it to begin with.  Before meeting ask them for the serial number. You can’t do anything negative with it, its not their social security number. They should be able to offer that to you. Before you meet do some research on that specific serial number.

Some places to use that serial number:

Apple These sites will tell you if its in warranty, what specs it had when it was made and possibly if its stolen.


You’ll likely need to go to the manufacturer’s web site.

6. If this isn’t a meeting about purchasing a used item the same rules are good ones. If you wish to leave together you can but at least you get a chance to meet them in public to decide if they’ve been honest with you.

In the end always remember whether you are selling or buying this simple truth.  You can leave at anytime without buying the item. If you want to think about it … then do so.  If they tell you it may be gone later, then tell them that’ll make it an easier decision for you then, and that you wish them luck selling it.


Final mention, even if you are meeting someone to hook up and you don’t want anyone to know for whatever reason, write down where you are going and leave it on your desk.  You should always leave a clue behind.