Angelo State's Centennial Village residence hallAngelo State’s Centennial Village residence hallOverall, ASU’s residence halls were ranked No. 7 in Texas behind six private schools, and were also the top-ranked residence halls in the Lone Star Conference. ASU is the only public university in the top 10 and one of only four public universities in the top 20.

The residence halls at 67 Texas schools were ranked by using data from the U.S. Department of Education. The rankings were formulated through four weighted statistics:

  • Student surveys on campus housing (70%)
  • Average housing cost (10%)
  • Housing capacity (10%)
  • Student housing crime rate (10%)

According to, “The top-ranked colleges offer outstanding campus housing that is safe and clean with modern amenities at reasonable prices.” also ranked ASU’s residence halls No. 62 on its list of the “2020 Best College Dorms in America” out of 1,384 ranked schools.

ASU houses more than 2,000 students each fall and spring semester in the Carr Hall, Centennial Village, Concho Hall, Plaza Verde, Robert and Mary Massie Halls, and Texan Hall residence facilities and the Vanderventer Apartments complex.

The architects for both Centennial Village and Plaza Verde both received Design Excellence Awards from American School and University Magazine, and Texan Hall was named a “Project of Distinction” by the College Planning & Management journal.

Previously, ASU’s residence halls were ranked among the “Most Inviting Yet Affordable College Dorms in America” by the higher education resource guide.

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